Rabatafrica summer festival: Beaches Festival

Rabatafrica summer festival: Beaches Festival
5 August 2022


14 August 2022
Rabat city beach and Bouregreg river

Description Festival scheduled from 5 to 14 August 2022, for its first edition Rabafrica Summer Festival wants via its summer spaces, the festival of beaches the idea is to exploit the following spaces:

  •  The beach of Rabat City
  •  The Corniche of Bouregreg

To install stages that will broadcast:

  • A musical program of local and continental famous artists and groups of young African artists from the city of Rabat, all communities included

In addition to these activities, Rabafrica Summer Festival proposes some family activities throughout the day with:

  •  A beach animation for summer people.


  • MJCC Team
  • City Hall Team


  • MJCC Team
  • City Hall Team

5 August Mehdi Mozayine / Hatim Ammor
6 August Hind Ennaira / Betweenatna
7 August Mehdi Fadili / Nouamane Belayachi
8 August Batoul Marouani /Africa United /Abdelali Anouar
9 August Mehdi Qamoum / Kouz1
10 August Zouhair Bahaoui / Othman Zeyn
11 August Khtek / Kamar Mansour
12 August Lord Mehdi /Aminux
13 August Mbokka / Muslim
14 August Jubantouja / Ribab Fusion / Kaoutar Berrani

  • Population of Rabat
  • Tourists visiting Rabat
  • Embassies of African countries